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Is Affiliate Marketing Right For You?

I’m going to tell you the secret about affiliate marketing and you’re probably not going to be happy.  The secret is there IS NO SECRET.  When I figured this out this made me actually happy.  Why did this make me happy?  Because it means that anyone can learn to do it.  It isn’t just for [...]


What Are Backlinks And How Do I Use Them?

Backlinks are the backbone of rankings in Google search results.  A backlink is basically a link to your website which effectively is considered a vote to the quality of your website content.  The more people link to you, the more importance your website gets for it’s given keywords.  This is and has been the fundamental strategy of [...]


On Page SEO Tips For Website Optimization

On page SEO is about optimizing your website to be as SEO friendly as possible to make you website as appealing as possible to Google and other search engines.  Off page SEO is ranking factors outside your site, primarily other sites who link to you. The Fundamental SEO Rule “The key thing to remember about on page [...]


Can You Really Make Money Online?

You probably have seen a few websites out there that tries to sell you a system to make money online.  You should be skeptical, because there is a lot of mis-information online.  I am also afraid of getting scammed around every corner of the internet. I just realized I got scammed just today with the [...]