Can You Really Make Money Online?

You probably have seen a few websites out there that tries to sell you a system to make money online.  You should be skeptical, because there is a lot of mis-information online.  I am also afraid of getting scammed around every corner of the internet. I just realized I got scammed just today with the purchase of a travel voucher off one of those groupon-clone sites.  FYI don’t buy anything from Next Stage Travel.  They offer things like $850 worth of travel for like $100, but they just mark up the price of their packages, so you end up paying the difference.

I think money making systems is very similar diet plans. You can’t just buy P90x (fitness plan) and expect to get a six-pack. You gotta do the workout 6 out of 7 days a week and follow a very strict diet plan. I’ve talked with many fitness experts and they all agree that dieting is actually like 80% of being in shape and looking good! This is hard to do and most people that try are going to fail, not because the plan was a scam, but they just quit. Just like a lot of money making systems, you get a plan, but you just gotta keep trying and NOT quit.

But there are also miracle diet pills people try to sell (scam). A lot of people don’t know the difference between some of these diet options, but unfortunately a lot of diet products/systems get grouped together and get a bad reputation for some bad products. What i’m getting at here is that not all making money online systems are a scam.  Sure, a lot of people who purchase these systems will not succeed, but if you continue at it and don’t quit, you will succeed.

Now don’t go out and buy every promising product, but don’t be so jaded to try to dream a bit.  I have joined a program called Bring the Fresh and I think it’s well worth the value.  I have learned invaluable information about online businesses which can transfer to my professional work.  The greatest thing about this program is membership to an exclusive forum where I have met very successful people and receive help and support on my new projects.  I am determined to succeed and this is my blog to document my progress.

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