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Is Affiliate Marketing Right For You?

I’m going to tell you the secret about affiliate marketing and you’re probably not going to be happy.  The secret is there IS NO SECRET.  When I figured this out this made me actually happy.  Why did this make me happy?  Because it means that anyone can learn to do it.  It isn’t just for [...]


On Page SEO Tips For Website Optimization

On page SEO is about optimizing your website to be as SEO friendly as possible to make you website as appealing as possible to Google and other search engines.  Off page SEO is ranking factors outside your site, primarily other sites who link to you. The Fundamental SEO Rule “The key thing to remember about on page [...]


Creating Content for Your Affiliate Website

If you follow the google way, content is king.  The best place to get content is by writing it yourself.  Hopefully you are creating a website that you are interested in.  This helps tremendously if you are trying to write about a subject if you are interested in it.  There has been very successful websites about some [...]


How To Monetize Your Webpage with Adsense or Affiliate Products

There are quite a few ways to monetize your website.  I’m going to talk about the 2  simplest ways which is adsense and affiliate products or services. Adsense Adsense is operated by google and it is just about the easiest way to put up ads on your website to make money.  All you do to [...]