Creating Content for Your Affiliate Website

If you follow the google way, content is king.  The best place to get content is by writing it yourself.  Hopefully you are creating a website that you are interested in.  This helps tremendously if you are trying to write about a subject if you are interested in it.  There has been very successful websites about some of the smallest niches, so long as the information is good.  To write your own content, just google your keyword and research first.

But the truth of the matter is I’m a terrible writer and not all my websites are stuff I want to write about.  Here’s where some outsourcing can come into play.  Just note that if you are going to outsource and get articles written for you for about $5 – $10, you are NOT going to get a masterpiece.  Minimum wage in the US is about $8/hr.  So maybe someone is willing to spend 30 minutes to RESEARCH and WRITE your article for about $5.  Who ever is writing your article is not going to be expert on the topic in 15 minutes of research.  You can request to get some articles written and then correct/polish them yourself.


Here are some sites where you can hire writers for articles. 

  • Articlez  Articles range from $12 – $50 depending on length
  • iWriter  Pretty cheap.  Articles range from $3 – $20 depending on length and writer rating.  I suggest you get only 4 stars or higher.  They are very fast here.
  • Fiverr  There are a lot of people offering to write content on this site for $5.  Read the the feedback try to find a good writer.
  • Pro Article Writing  This is another site to get articles written.


Whether you are writing your own content or hiring out for content, you should be aware of the following things.

  • Only publish original content.  Google can detect if what you post is a repost from a different website.  Duplicated content will not rank as high for the reposter as it does for the original creator.  This doesn’t mean you can’t write about a subject that has been covered, but just don’t copy and paste stuff.
  • If you hire people make sure they are writing original content.  There are tools like copyscape that can help you detect this.
  • Make sure your title of your post contains or is close to the keyword you are targeting.  This is part of onpage SEO where google analyzes your title tags and header tags to detect how relavant your post is to the keyword you are targeting.  If you use wordpress, just correctly setting the title of your post will do this for you.
  • Don’t keyword stuff.  If your article is about dog training, don’t put “dog training” everywhere on your page.  Google is going for natural readability, which means if it reads good then you’re probably not keyword stuffing.  If you are reading your work and it reads like you’re trying to target “dog training” and reads unnatural, google will notice this as well.



  • Proofread your work:  Sounds obvious
  • If you are putting the title of your blog post in the url, make sure you get it right before you start promoting it.  Change the title and thus the url can mess up your efforts.
  • If you have an iPhone and maybe it’s on android, download the dragon speech to text app if you want to dictate some of your writings.

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