Free Affiliate Marketing Guide (Constantly Being Added To)

How To Build An Affiliate Website

After doing extensive research and reading, I will attempt to impart all my knowledge about how to setup an affiliate website in this one single page.  Every step can be CRUCIAL to your success and there are devils in the details.  As a disclaimer, you should know this is a guideline rather than a step-by-step guide.  A step-by-step guide would be outdated in a month, so I rather write about the fundamentals and allow readers to do more in depth research on their own.

Some Motivation

Business is not easy.  You need a lot of self discipline to make it work.  Your first site may take 1-2 months to make and never make a dollar.  But you’ll have learned invaluable knowledge, so keep trying to persevere.  Others will have a site in a week making $100/day.  My philosophy is make a site, GOOD, then move on.  If that site makes $1/day on average, then I just need to build 1000 of those sites.  On the way to 1000, at about 20-50, something is gonna click or something is gonna catch on.  All I got to say is it takes time.  As of 4/19/2012 I am up to about $20/day.  If you’re looking for the secret to affiliate marketing, there isn’t any.  But I can show you how to do it effectively and teach you a some shortcuts and lessons from experience.

The Goal

To create a website based on a targeted keyword with the intention of showing up in search results for that keyword.

  1. Pick a Niche to market.  Find a keyword that has a good amount of searches, a low amount of competition, and has commercial value.
  2. Find the domain name.  Pick the best domain name available to go with your keyword.
  3. Hosting Your Website.  Quick Answer: Sign up at Host Gator.  They are cheap, reliable, and you can host multiple sites with just one account.
  4. Find a Product.  Clickbank and Commission Junction are pretty good resources for affiliate programs and products
  5. Build a Website.  If you don’t know how to build websites, log into your hosting company’s website and install WordPress using their interface.  Can be a little tricky, but not rocket science.
  6. Creating Content.  Make sure you post original, readable, relavent content.
  7. On-Page SEO.   Make your site organized, relevant, and user friendly.
  8. Understanding Backlinks, Getting Backlinks, and Getting Even More Backlinks
  9. Optimize Your Website
  10. Make Money


Yes this is very incomplete.  I’ll be writing up the various points in different posts for you and for me to retain for myself.

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