How to Build a WordPress Blog For Affiliate Marketing

So you got your niche picked out, your keyword you want to target, and your product.  Here is my quick start guide and checklist for making a super site.  If you never created a wordpress blog before this may take you a day.  For me, I can do it within an hour.  That’s right, I can have a ready to go fully functional website to go all setup in about 30 minutes.  There are some services you want to sign up for that are optional but recommended.  The idea is to make this short and sweet.  If you don’t know what I am talking about, google it, because if I wrote about each item on the list it would be a really really long post.

Sign Up For:


  1. Godaddy
    1. Register Domain
      1. Change name servers for your domain to  The particular name servers you want to use will be listed on the side when you log into your hostgator account.  This lets users find your webhosting when they try to visit your domain.
  2. HostGator- Login
    1. Add the new domain in “Addon Domains”
    2. Fantastico install WordPress
  3. WordPress Admin- Login to your site at
    1. Settings/General
      1. Set the Title.  Work the keyword you are targeting into here
      2. Tagline.  Work the keyword you are targeting into here as well
      3. Setup the www prefix.  I personally like my blogs to have be like rather than
    2. Settings/Permalinks
      1. Change post urls to /%postname%/  This is good for SEO as the title of the post will not be part of the url.
    3. Settings/Privacy (do last)
      1. Set to crawlable to ensure that search engines find your blog
    4. Pages
      1. Delete unused pages
      2. Add Compensation Page
      3. Add Privacy Policy – Google “privacy policy generator” and find a website that will create one for you
    5. Appearances
      1. Pick a theme you like.  I like to use socrates theme.
    6. Socrates – Has built into it widgets for header images, ads, analytics, and some SEO optimizations
      1. Setup header/title size/tagline size – Just go get socrates.  Will save you
      2. Setup meta-description tag.  If you don’t have socrates then download a free plugin that will let you edit this.
    7. Posts
      1. Edit/Delete first post to something else.  Preferably mention the keyword
      2. Add Category for post containing the keyword or variation of the keyword
      3. Add some keyword related tags
      4. Edit/Delete first comment
    8. Users
      1. Create user type author
      2. Go to Settings -> Writing -> Check XML-RPC
    9. Plugins
      1. Automated WordPress Backup – Or something similar to backup your blog automatically on a schedule
      2. Affiliate Link Cloaking – Often time affiliate links are really ugly.  This plugin lets you make a link on your website and have that redirect to the actual affiliate link
      3. Contact Form 7 – Easy to make make contact page.
      4. WordPress SEO by Yoast – Must get if you don’t use socrates theme
      5. Auto Post Thumbnail - optional.  This plugin makes pretty thumbnails to display on your homepage.
    10. Content
      1. Write a lot of posts about what you want to sell
      2. Makes some pages and widgets for your blog.
      3. Rinse repeat.  More content and contant content is good.
  4. Google Analytics
    1. Set it up.  Get the tracker code and paste it in socrates or another wp plugin for google analytics
  5. Google Adsense
    1. Create some ads and paste the code into socrates or another ad plugin for wp.  I think some ads add some color to a site and makes you money.  It’s a win-win.  I don’t like putting to many.  Just looks bad and is a bad user experience.


That’s it for now. If you don’t understand what all this means, then leave a comment or google it. As you delve further into affiliate marketing you will understand the importance of every step. Just try it out.

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