How To Host Your Website(s) for Affiliate Marketing

Time to find hosting?  Well there are several options.  Do you just want the best answer so you can get going on your website?  Get your hosting from Host Gator and order the Baby Plan.  It’s only like $4 – $8 a month depending on how much you want to prepay and lets you host Multiple Websites.  Read below for lengthy explanations of other hosting types.


Ok i’m a programmer by trade, so I’ve tested several hosting services and types.  There are several types of hosts.  There are dedicated hosts, virtual hosts, cloud hosts, shared hosts.

Dedicated, Virtual, Cloud Hosting is NOT for you

Unless you are a programmer or system administrator you don’t want a dedicated host, virtual host, or a cloud computing host.  They are not meant for people who aren’t unix knowledgeable and are generally most expensive.  They are more expensive because you are paying for a certain amount of STABLE computing power 24 hours a day.  Honestly, if you are running an affiliate website the amount of traffic is not going to require this type of hosting.  These types of hosts range from $20/month to hundreds a month depending on how much power you need.  Also with these types of hosts, you have to set a lot of stuff up manually which you don’t want to learn how to do.

Shared Hosts

Shared Hosts are web servers that host multiple websites with other customers.  When you buy shared hosting your website is sharing a computer’s resources with other peoples’ websites.  The benefit is that it is much cheaper and the interface is much better for non-tech people.  The downside is you don’t have complete control over your machine (which you don’t need for simple wordpress blogs).  This sharing allows hosting companies to give you cheap prices because most websites don’t get much traffic and having a single computer run 1 website is OVERKILL, depending on the traffic numbers.

Why You Should Get Shared Hosting Summary

  1. Easy to Setup.  The good ones have a really easy interface called cPanel which makes launching a WordPress Blog done in like 3 steps
  2. They offer UNLIMITED* websites.  With one plan you can have 10, 20, 100 websites.  I starred unlimited because if your website(s) get too much traffic you are gonna have to upgrade hosting.  If this happens, believe me, that’s a GREAT problem to have.
  3. It’s CHEAP.

I recommend Host Gator, because everyone uses them and I don’t have any complaints.  There are a few out there cheaper by like a $1 a month or something, but honestly, Host Gator is cheap enough and you don’t wanna be stuck at a bad hosting company, because you generally have to prepay for months in advance and migrating your websites to a different hosting company is a pain.  A bad hosting company will overload the sharing on the computer server and when one of the websites on that server has a traffic spike, it will bring down your site.  Believe me, I have had to move hosts and it’s a PAIN.

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