How To Monetize Your Webpage with Adsense or Affiliate Products

There are quite a few ways to monetize your website.  I’m going to talk about the 2  simplest ways which is adsense and affiliate products or services.


Adsense is operated by google and it is just about the easiest way to put up ads on your website to make money.  All you do to get adsense working is:

  1. Sign Up For Adsense
  2. Pick a Size Ad you would like to display
  3. Copy and Paste the code snippet that adsense gives you to your website.

Adsense will automatically display relavant ads depending on the content on the page it is displayed.  So google does all the work picking out the ads and all you do is determine where you want them.  If you using wordpress there is several plugins you can get to display ads where you just copy and paste the code from google adsense into a widget.  I use a theme called Socrates, which is NOT free.  That theme is optimized for placing adsense ads, seo, and affiliate marketing.  If you’re serious about trying internet marketing I highly suggest you get this theme for wordpress.  The time you will save in configuring and optimizing your site is way worth it’s price.

Affiliate Products and Services

This is a way to make way more per click than adsense can make you.  You can and should put adsense on all your legitimate pages, but don’t clutter your page too much with ads.  If you are targeting a niche or keyword you are probably trying to obtain targeted traffic to your website.  If you are targeting the keyword “coffee beans” then people who are coming to your site are going to be interest in coffee beans.  So why not try to promote your visitors to useful services like coffee bean wholesalers or coffee machines?  Here’s a list of popular places for affiliate programs.

  • Commission Junction: A lot of big companies use Commission Junction to run their affiliate program.
  • Clickbank: A lot of individuals run their affiliate programs through clickbank and it can be very lucrative.
  • Amazon Associates:  Promote things sold on amazon and get a 4-8% commission on all sales.
  • Google Affiliates:  Google also does affiliate marketing for big companies

Tips for Picking a Product

  • Some people find a product they want to do before they do their keyword research.  You should pick something you are interested in and making your site will be more fun.
  • It’s a sad reality, but a lot of the top money making affiliate programs are from needy people.  Such as people looking to get back their wife/husband, losing weight, looking for help about their disorders.


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