How To Pick a Domain Name for Affiliate Marketing

Picking a Domain Name is very closely tied with picking a keyword/niche.  Read that first before you read this.  Generally I find a viable keyword I want to work on, then I check to see if the domain is available.  If the domain is NOT available, I either move on to another domain or I try a few variations.  Here are some tips I use in trying to get a good domain name for my keyword.


Here’s a rough order of how I would pick a domain.  It’s not an exact science, but here it is.  Don’t blame me if i’m wrong.  It’s just the general consensus of what i’ve read and slightly tested.  For this example, let’s say our keyword is “acai pills”.

  1. Dot com is KING.
  2. or Dot net or org works pretty good
  3.  Stop words are lil words like ‘a’, ‘in’, ‘for’ and are basically ignored by search engines.  The stopword doesn’t necessarily have to be at the end of the domain  Here’s a list of them.
  4.  Try to add review to it and do a review site.  You get the benefit of people searching for the keyword “acai pills review”.
  5. PREFIXacaipillsSUFFIX.  Like #4, you can possibly add different prefix and/or suffix to your keyword.  Here’s a list of prefixes/suffixes
  6. or



  1. One thing I avoid is hyphens in my domain name.  I think they look spammy and generally are.  I have seen hyphenated domains show up in serps, but I generally don’t use them.
  2. Common misspellings is another type I avoid.  Unless you can get something like or this is generally not a good idea.  Commen misspelled domains are good for really high traffic sites where people type the web address DIRECTLY into the address bar.  Most people type what ever they are looking for into search engines which correct the spelling for them and therefore rendering your misspelled domain useless.
  3. Do not put profanity in your url.  Also avoid accidental profanity such as the keyword “push it”.  I’ve seen the rank sometimes, but a lot of times you will be filtered out.



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