How to Pick a Niche for Internet Marketing

There are a few criteria for picking a niche to market.  To find your niche, I would start by looking at keywords.  Keywords are what people type into search engines to find whatever they are looking for.  For instance if you typed in “How to Pick a Niche” this article might come up because it is relavant to what you searched for.

The Goal

The Goal is to find a keyword that has a good amount of searches, a low to easy amount of competition, and has commercial value.  Take this suggestion with a grain of salt.  If you’re clever enough you can do thing around this rule.

1. Good Amount of Searches

One of the most useful tools for finding a keyword is the Google Keyword Finder Tool.  You can type something you are interested in and see other related keywords.  MAKE sure you uncheck ‘broad’ and check ‘exact’ in the ‘match type’ area on the left .  Exact shows the search counts for what is EXACTLY typed while broad clumps up other related keywords together and shows you this total.

The goal of this is to find a keyword that gets a good about of Local Searches, which will the number of people who could potentially come to your website.  The higher the better, but often times you’ll find the “good keywords” have some steep competition.  I try to find keywords with at least 1000 local searches.

2.  Gauging the Competition

This is not an easy thing to do manually as there are several factors.  To name a few (domain age, page rank, backlink counts, internal page counts, on page seo relevancy, and etc.  There are many different websites you can visit to find out all this information.  I’m not going to list them all and some are not free but worth it’s price.  One simple way to gauge competition is go to google and search for: allintitle:”the keyword you are testing”.  See how many results are returned for that keyword.  Test a few random stuff to get a gauge of what is a lot and a little competition.  I think under 30,000 is pretty low competition.

You should not rely only on this method to check competition.  Google for ways to check the other stuff I listed.

3.  Commercial Value of the Keyword

This is pretty easy.  Search for the keyword you are testing in google.  Are you getting ads displayed to you?  If you are, that means that people are paying money to advertise for this keyword.  If there are ads there is money to be made!

4.  Put it all together

If you find a keyword that meets these 3 criteria you have a pretty good chance to make money off this keyword.  No promises, but it’s a pretty good keyword


Now that you know the basics what should you do?

This is a hard lesson learned, but if you are serious about this, you should try/buy Market Samurai.  It helps you do everything I just listed in one software.  It’s only a one time upfront cost for a constantly updated software and you can try it for free.  It will save you a lot of time and failed attempts.  I use it myself and I was slapping myself for not buying it earlier.  I wasted a lot of money on bad domain names attempting to market a niche that wasn’t feasible.

Before you buy I suggest watching their video tutorials.


This is just vague outline if you don’t have a clue.  If you know what you are doing, just try to think of ideas of what is trending now or soon to trend.  For instance, Apple is planning on coming out with a line of TVs.  I don’t know what the names of them are going to be, but once that information is released jump on those domains.  Like appletvaccessories or appletvreview, etc.  If you have some hobbies think about the possibilities there.

Pinterest: The New Gold Rush For Marketers

Have you heard of Pinterest?  Well it’s the newest social website out now and it’s hot!  It had some record setting explosive growth over the past year.  Now I’m not saying it’s gonna be bigger than facebook or any other previous social website that’s now in their graves, but there is money to be made here.

For every new social product there is a way to make money off it easily, at least originally.  When myspace was hot, people were making tons of money.  When facebook was relatively new people where gaming facebook likes.  Now here’s pinterest and it may be the easiest to game.  Check out this article about an automated pinterest robot.

Why You Should Bulk Ping Your Backlinks

What is ping?

Ping is a method to notify search engines of new or updated content.  You can wait for search engines to naturally discover and update your content, but why wait?  In order for a backlink to have any effect on your site, you must get it “indexed” by the search engines.


In the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) backlinks are what give a site authority over another site.  The more people linking to your site, the more perceived importance there is to the site.  Makes sense?  The more important your site appears, the higher google will rank it in the serps.

How to ping backlinks

Ok, so i’m assuming you are obtaining backlinks by articles, writing comments, bookmarking, press releases, form profiles, and etc.  Now take that list of links and head over to and paste it in there.


Although, there is no evidence I can provide, it is best practice to slowly  grow your backlinks.  If somehow you managed to get 10,000 backlinks to your new website, it might look suspicious.  You should ping them…. say like 50 a day.

How To Make Money Blogging

Hi everyone.  Are you trying to figure out how to make money online?  I’ve found the product that you’ve been looking for. You’ve probably seen a ton of different products out there that claim the same stuff.  The difference is I can prove it.  Go to google and type in “camping essentials”.  As of this writing, you should see the site in the top result.  That site is just one of many affiliate sites created by users of Bring the Fresh.  The proof is in the pudding.  They got a crappy site like that to rank #1 on Google and so can you with their techniques.

My name is Andrew and I have been working on the internet as a programmer for the past 5 years.  I have read several ebooks on internet marketing and affiliate marketing over the past few years and NEVER had any success.  As a web programmer, I thought I had access to more tools and concepts that the average person doesn’t know and I was sure I could figure it out.  The problem for me was lack of effort and over-information.  I’ll tell you right now, it isn’t really simple to do affiliate marketing, but by no means do you have to be a genius to do it.  What it takes is some man hours which can be outsourced if you are willing to spend some money.

If you’re familiar with the concept of SEO and google ranking, they all follow a similar plan.  These steps are find a niche or keyword to target by doing market research.  Then you create a simple website based around this niche and market a product or service.  The final stage is to rank your website to show up in search results which results in targeted clicks to your website.  Niche finding and website building is easy and can be figured out by following a exact plan.  I’m not just saying this because i’m a programmer.  In fact, I was shocked at how easy building a website could be after joining Bring the Fresh.  All of my expertises knowledge went out the window, because it is just extra stuff I didn’t need to know.  To make a successful affiliate site all you need is a blog and ANYONE can set that up.

So what’s the tough part? It is getting ranked by google with SEO.  SEO (search engine optimization) is configuring your site to get displayed as high as possible in the search results when a search is run in google.  There are huge industries built on this and this is not a simple problem.  However, that’s why I showed you earlier the camping essentials search.  Ranking well in google is very possible and Bring the Fresh members know how to do it.  This article you are reading right now was brought to you with Bring the Fresh methods.  This proof is the number #1 reason I joined Bring the Fresh, and I have not regretted it.

I don’t want to sell you a pipe dream, but I can tell you that there are millions of dollars generated through affiliate marketing every day.  It is by no means rocket science and the greatest value of this product is in the community and the makers who are very active with updates.  This product launched some time in 2010, and they have just revamped it to a 2012 version.  This is the real deal!

To read more about this go to Bring the Fresh.

Weight Lifting For Girls

This is my first site I am trying to promote.  Click weight lifting for women to access it.  I will report back with what happens over timer.

Welcome to Quick Money Idea dot com

This blog will document my money making journey to come.  Stay tuned.