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How To Host Your Website(s) for Affiliate Marketing

Time to find hosting?  Well there are several options.  Do you just want the best answer so you can get going on your website?  Get your hosting from Host Gator and order the Baby Plan.  It’s only like $4 – $8 a month depending on how much you want to prepay and lets you host Multiple [...]


How To Pick a Domain Name for Affiliate Marketing

Picking a Domain Name is very closely tied with picking a keyword/niche.  Read that first before you read this.  Generally I find a viable keyword I want to work on, then I check to see if the domain is available.  If the domain is NOT available, I either move on to another domain or I [...]


Pinterest: The New Gold Rush For Marketers

Have you heard of Pinterest?  Well it’s the newest social website out now and it’s hot!  It had some record setting explosive growth over the past year.  Now I’m not saying it’s gonna be bigger than facebook or any other previous social website that’s now in their graves, but there is money to be made [...]


Why You Should Bulk Ping Your Backlinks

What is ping? Ping is a method to notify search engines of new or updated content.  You can wait for search engines to naturally discover and update your content, but why wait?  In order for a backlink to have any effect on your site, you must get it “indexed” by the search engines. Backlinks In [...]


How To Make Money Blogging

Hi everyone.  Are you trying to figure out how to make money online?  I’ve found the product that you’ve been looking for. You’ve probably seen a ton of different products out there that claim the same stuff.  The difference is I can prove it.  Go to google and type in “camping essentials”.  As of this [...]


Welcome to Quick Money Idea dot com

This blog will document my money making journey to come.  Stay tuned.