Why You Should Bulk Ping Your Backlinks

What is ping?

Ping is a method to notify search engines of new or updated content.  You can wait for search engines to naturally discover and update your content, but why wait?  In order for a backlink to have any effect on your site, you must get it “indexed” by the search engines.


In the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) backlinks are what give a site authority over another site.  The more people linking to your site, the more perceived importance there is to the site.  Makes sense?  The more important your site appears, the higher google will rank it in the serps.

How to ping backlinks

Ok, so i’m assuming you are obtaining backlinks by articles, writing comments, bookmarking, press releases, form profiles, and etc.  Now take that list of links and head over to and paste it in there.


Although, there is no evidence I can provide, it is best practice to slowly  grow your backlinks.  If somehow you managed to get 10,000 backlinks to your new website, it might look suspicious.  You should ping them…. say like 50 a day.

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